7 secrets to improve your relationship in the New Year

Relationships are hard. Even the best ones require tons of work to keep them on course. Although in some instances the pandemic has helped relationships, in others it has really tested them. It's always a good idea to reevaluate your relationship so here are some helpful tips for enjoying a successful relationship in the New Year. Any you'd add?

  • Improve communication - Healthy communication in a relationship is extremely important. Instead of being ready with your response listen to what your partner is actually saying. Seek to understand instead of just being understood.
  • Focus on the tone of your voice - How you communicate makes a big difference. Simply changing the tone of your voice can completely change the outcome of a discussion. Many times we don't even know how bad we sound so really try to focus on that tone.
  • Avoid being overly critical - Try being positive instead of negative. There's enough negativity and critical people in this world. Let's be the one who lifts people up instead of bring them down.
  • Know that you don't always have to agree with your partner - This is a hard one to grasp. It's easy to feel like you're always right or your partner should feel the same way as you and if they don't it's wrong. If you're able to acknowledge their point that can help sooth them and having a healthy discussion about things you disagree on can enhance a relationship.
  • Spend some time apart - Being away from your partner may make you realize you miss them and can help you reconnect in a deeper more meaningful way.
  • Be accountable - No one is perfect so it's important to take accountability for your own faults and work towards change.
  • Check in regularly - Ask your significant other how you're both doing. Talk about whether you're connected or not. Listen to each other and care about working on it.

Helpful suggestions provided by Lin Sternlicht, a therapist and co-founder of Family Addiction Specialist, posted on Foxnews.com.

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