Feeding America Eastern WI received generous donation from Suns fan

There was quite a bit of talk about the city of Milwaukee during the NBA finals, for many reasons, and whether it was positive or negative I'm really glad our city was represented well by every single person here. We could have jumped all over the ESPN host from First Take after his negative comments about our city, we could have retaliated in a bad way when a law firm in Phoenix bought a "Go Suns" billboard right by Fiserv Forum, etc. but we didn't. We were great hosts. We showed up to cheer on our Milwaukee Bucks whether inside Fiserv Forum, outside in the Deer District, at a local bar or just inside the comfort of our homes. We showed the Phoenix Suns fans and everyone around the world watching what a great city and community we have and that didn't go unnoticed. For my Make It Through Monday moment today I wanted to share this post from Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin which perfectly sums up the great community we have here. Way to go MKE!

Another thing our community is great at is supporting those in need. How about celebrating our Bucks winning the NBA finals with your own donation to Feeding America? You can make that donation here.

Approved to use post and graphic from Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin.

Photo: Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin

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