People are loving this woman's "petty" revenge tactic on her ex

Have I mentioned how much I love TikTok? It's so great because one day it has me cracking up out loud and other days I'm learning an amazing cooking recipe. One of my favorite things on TikTok is when people ask a question and users respond. For example, user Kristina Makes Content responded to a video asking the question "What's something that's incredibly immature that you will never stop doing?" She responded explaining that she has a very interesting tactic for revenge and it comes in the form of email newsletters. Basically anytime she has to give an email address, she uses her ex's. When she wants to use the WiFi at the airport she gives her ex's email address. When she has to provide an email address to read an article she uses her ex's.

I'm not all about getting revenge but I think this is a genius way to do it! I spend so much time during the day unsubscribing to emails I never even signed up for and it drives me nuts! She's been doing this since 2016 so I can't even imagine how many he's had to unsubscribe to! Have you ever done anything to get revenge on an ex? Let me know on my Hannah Radio Show Facebook page.

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