LIST: 17 things you're keeping for no reason and should toss

How easy is it to hang onto things you no longer need. Moving is a pain but at least it forces you to clear out and get rid of things. I'm the queen of "maybe I'll need this some day." I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I've actually needed that thing I saved. How do you know what you should hang onto and what should be tossed? Here's a list of a few items you probably have lying around but no longer need in your life and the rest can be found at

  • Old tax documents - This is a tough one because how long should you keep them? The article at explains how long you should hold onto these items so definitely read that over.
  • Sports equipment you no longer use - If you're not currently using it then most likely you never will. You can sell it online or at a place like Play It Again Sports.
  • Appliance manuals - This is something I save thinking I may need to reference it and I literally never do. Most of them can now be found online.
  • Cookbooks - There are some that are passed down and have special meaning but those that aren't should be given away. There are tons of amazing recipes online. Have you heard of Pinterest??
  • Storage containers with no lids - Where in the world do those lids go?? I recently cleaned out my storage containers and only kept a few different sizes and the ones I used most. It was amazing having more space in that drawer and having it organized. I've done a great job of keeping up with it too!
  • Board games you never play - I'm a huge fan of game night but if there are games you never play donate them. They take up so much space and some other family might be super happy to get them.
  • Single socks - This one I disagree with. No need to toss them! I use them for dusting and cleaning!

What's an item you've been hanging onto that it's time you part with? Hit me up on my Hannah Radio Show Facebook page.

Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

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