This is the single worst way to sit for your body

I have terrible posture. I find myself sitting hunched over at my desk all the time and have to remind myself to straighten up! Sitting in general is not great for our well being. In an article posted at, it points out that when we sit for too long it can lead to weight gain, back and shoulder pain, poorer mental health, less quality of sleep and other dangerous chronic conditions. According to a new study done at Western University there are indeed different ways we can sit that are better and worse for us. The single worst way to sit for our body is with increased screen time. When we spend lots of time sitting watching TV or using a phone/computer that can lead to us feeling worse about ourselves which can adversely affect our health down the road. The best way for us to sit, which is most associated with a greater and healthier sense of wellbeing, is sitting around other people and engaging in conversation or while doing something else that is otherwise productive or fulfilling. Of course the amount we sit every day is relative which you can read more about here but basically we should try to limit the screen time and up our engagement with others and activities that fulfill us.

Image: Getty