Different colors of emoji hearts actually have different meanings

I'm sure most of us new that the different colors or the emoji hearts have different meanings but I would guess most of us didn't take the time to look up how they should actually be used. I came across an article that spelled out their meanings at tiphero.com and figured I'd share with you so you know for the future. Feel free to use them however you want, at least you have more of an idea of the "correct usage" just in case. :)

  • Red - as expected it's simple, traditional and could mean romance but can also be a pretty generic heart to use.
  • Orange - usually used when someone is too chicken to send a read heart to someone they're dating. Often used by men.
  • Yellow - this hear expresses more of a friendly love instead of a romantic one. Great to use for family and friends.
  • Green - doesn't really have anything to do with being "green" or helping the environment but is often used by people who spend a lot of time volunteering.
  • Blue - used more for acquaintance type friendships that are shallow rather than deep. You would send to friends/people where the relationship is more surface-level.
  • Purple - this is a tricky one as it has two very different meanings! One represents a purple heart a solider would receive and the other references a booty call. Use this one with caution!
  • White - this is a newer emoji and can be used to express sympathy after the loss of a loved one.
  • Black - represents love that is even stronger than the red heart. More of a soul mate type of love.
  • Brown - most often used by people whose skin tone is black or brown.

Did any of the meanings surprise you? You can check out more at tiphero.com!

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