Words and phrases people wish would go away

I was just talking with my brother about how we build habits while talking like using a phrase over and over again in conversation and we don't even know we're doing it. For example, I very often say "I'm not gonna lie" at the beginning of something I say. Luckily I realized how much I use it so I'm trying to refrain from saying it so often. Obviously I'm not the only person with this habit though as a new thread on Buzzfeed revealed common words and phrases people wish would go away for good. Some of them that topped the list are below and the rest can be found here at Buzzfeed.com.

  • "I did a thing" - phrase to make an announcement that people are very often using. Probably too much and that's why people are sick of it.
  • "I was today years old" - this has definitely blown up over the internet as of late but it doesn't bug me just yet. Probably because the factoids that usually follow the phrase are cool and interesting!
  • "Do you see what I'm saying" - uh oh I use this one! I see why people don't like it though as there's definitely no way we can 'see' what people are saying.
  • "It is what it is" - I like this one but probably because my husband just learned how to say it in English (he's from Mexico so a native Spanish speaker) and it's so cute when he learns a new phrase and starts saying it often.
  • "Literally" - I use this one literally all the time. :) Guess I better work on that!

Are there any words or phrases you would add to the list?

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