40 pains that today's teens will never understand (LIST)

There are so many things kids these days will never have to worry about since they have it all right at their finger tips with GPS, apps like uber, etc. Not that long ago I would have to take my Mom's cell phone to our high school basketball games and give her a call when I wanted her to come pick me up. Mind you that phone was pretty long, with a large antenna and did NOT have internet! The only reason I even got a cell phone when I was 16 was because I got lost driving to my first day of work at Tommy's Restaurant in Racine and arrived late! Kids nowadays have cell phones at such a young age they have no idea what it's like to live without one. I got a kick out of looking back at some of the daily struggles most of the younger generations will never need to deal with so below are some of my favorites and the complete list can be found at msn.com.

  • Worrying about a ride - we always needed to have a plan in place for how we were going to get anywhere. Now kids just call an Uber.
  • Running out of blank disks - there was no such thing as a cloud. We literally needed to use floppy disks or memory sticks in order to store anything. We had tons of those laying around. And if you thinking about it, kids these days don't even know why the "save button" is a picture of a floppy disk!
  • Repurchasing worn out albums or movies - ugh it was the worst when your CD or DVD got a scratch on it and would then skip. I'm getting frustrated right now just thinking about it!
  • Having to share the family computer - I don't remember needing to fight too much over who got to use the computer but I do remember that horrible sound it made when connecting to dial-up internet!
  • Sitting through TV commercial breaks - Such a funny memory to think about my brother yelling at me from the family room saying "IT'S BACK ON!!!!"
  • Using unconventional methods to get video games to work - tell me you never blew into your N64 games or Super Nintendo console to "clear out the dust" hoping it would work again.
  • Not knowing who's calling - caller ID might have been one of the best inventions ever!
  • Accidently destroying family memories - I can think of so many VHS tapes that when we were done watching, some random family video would start right away because we obviously taped over it.
  • Reading dozes of books for a research paper - the amount of time I spent doing research for projects is unreal. Now you can literally find anything on the internet in like two seconds!
  • Renting movies from a store - I truly believe kids are missing out with this one. It was such a treat to be able to go to the video store and pick out what you wanted to rent.
  • Writing on chalkboards - literally just typing this I got goose bumps. UGH!

Can you think of anymore that aren't on the list?

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