Thiensville woman is rescued after trying to save a goose from the river

It was an eventful past weekend in Thiensville as a woman and a well-known goose both needed rescuing from the Milwaukee River on February 13. The goose, who is known as Clayton by locals, was stuck in the ice and when a woman noticed this she hopped in a kayak and headed out to rescue him. She hadn't seen him in a few days so she purchased binoculars and that's when she saw Clayton was stuck. Once she got out there though she realized she didn't have enough equipment to free the little guy because his wing was actually attached to the ice. As she headed back to the shore for materials she informed people passing by that she couldn't exit the river so that's when the fire department was called. She informed authorities that she was frustrated because she called regarding the situation but never heard back so she went to try to save the goose on her own. The story has a happy ending as both the woman and Clayton the goose were rescued and the Wisconsin Humane Society has agreed to rehabilitate Clayton. You can read more at

Images & videos: Mequon Fire Department