McDonald's is brining back popular beverage after years of fans begging

McDonald's announced that Hi-C Orange is officially coming back to menus nationwide. The drink first came to McDonald's in 1955 and ended up developing a massive fan following, they say because of how well it paired with a Big Mac and fries. Apparently over the years McDonald's has gotten tons of requests to bring it back ever since it was taken off the menu in 2017. It turns out the pressure worked as Hi-C Orange will be available at select McDonald's restaurants starting this month and hits all menus nationwide as a regular soft drink by this June. If you just can't handle the wait, visit and put in your zip code to find the closest McDonald's location that has Hi-C available. I totally remember drinking this as a kid. Not sure I'm ready to have it again as an adult though! Will you be ordering it again with your meal?!

Image: Getty