What really happens with the championship shirts made for the losing team?

Pictured below is Tom Brady wearing the Super Bowl Championship t-shirt and you'll notice that it's not a generic t-shirt but actually says Tampa Bay Buccaneers on it. Obviously they don't know which team will come out on top so clothing is made for both teams. Within minutes of the Super Bowl ending, the NFL is ready to launch championship gear for sale and you better believe they have that inventory ready to ship so what happens to all the clothing they made with the losing team on it? That's where Good360 comes into play. According to an article posted by brobible.com, about seven years ago Good360 began a partnership with the NFL to make sure that the clothing from the losing team doesn't just end up in a landfill. They have created relationships with over 90,000 non-profit organizations throughout the world so clothing ends up in the hands of people who can benefit from it the most. For example, the majority of 2021 Chiefs championship gear will be going to Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia and Africa. They take lots of factors into consideration when deciding where it goes as well. They determine if shipping the goods will be "detrimental to the local economy" and avoid areas where there might be a "stigma with being associated with a 'loser'." They also try to keep the environmental footprint as small as possible as well.

I'm glad to know it's not just thrown out but also that they spend so much time and consideration on choosing the best plan possible. You can read more at brobible.com.

Image: Getty