Woman sparks debate: Is it normal to shower with back towards the water?

Have you ever in your life given thought to how you shower? Well a woman named Alice questioned on Twitter how she showers asking "Help me settle a debate. It's normal to shower with your back to the shower right? Not facing the water?" and who would have thought it would have created such a huge debate! People on Twitter had some major opinions on the subject and many disagreed with Alice saying "Back to the shower, for one simple reason, when washing you're not going to bend forward to wash your legs and head-butt the wall. I am SHOCKED. I just assumed EVERYONE faced the water." Alice did have plenty of people to back her up though. One mentioned that of course you shower with your back to the water otherwise the water goes in your face.

I'm pretty relived to know that there are people like me which face both ways. I would think that is the most normal right? I face away from the water to wash my hair but to wash my body I turn around both ways. You need your whole body in the water at some point to wash off all the soap right? I loved the person who commented they turn both ways then finish off with the handheld. That is someone who takes their showers seriously. So give it some thought, how do you shower?

The comments about the correct way to shower and people's quirky habits are worth a read. Check them out at DailyMail.com.

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