11 surprising '90s beauty trends making a comeback

I'm all about vintage and things making come-backs but I'm not sure brining back 90s styles is the best idea. Do you remember how we looked back then?? I want to know who in the world decides what's cool and should be brought back. I've got a bone to pick with them! According to an article posted on Bustle.com the cool retro looks that are popular now are the same ones that were big in the 90s. I thought the whole reason we studied history was so that we didn't repeat it? Why in the world are we repeating styles from the 90s! Ok Ok they're not all bad. Below are 11 makeup and hairstyles from the 90s you'll be seeing more of this year.

  1. The mullet
  2. The shag
  3. Big bangs
  4. High contrast hair color
  5. Natural looking highlights
  6. The dark lip
  7. Cat-wing liner
  8. Thin brows
  9. Smudged eye makeup
  10. Hair accessories
  11. Brown makeup looks

Which ones are you least happy to see come back?

Image: Getty

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