Delta joins the list of major airlines starting to ban THIS on flights

Delta has joined the growing number of airlines who will no longer be allowing emotional support animals on their flights, according to Fox 6. This policy will go into effect as soon as January 11, 2021. This basically comes from a new guidance which the U.S. Department of Transportation issued which made recognizing emotional support service animals a requirement. The article quotes Allison Ausband, S.V.P., In-Flight Service, saying "We applaud the DOT for making this change and acknowledging the concerns that Delta and many other stakeholders have raised for the past several years. The DOT's final rule enables airlines to put the safety of all employees and customers first, while protecting the rights of customers who need to travel with trained service animals."

Trained service animals are defined as dogs regardless of breed, specifically trained to assist a person with a disability. The number of passengers flying with companion animals grew rapidly in recent years and the airlines felt passengers were exploiting a loophole in federal regulations to avoid pet fees. Flight attendants even reported some of the companion animals biting other passengers!

Delta joins American Airlines, United Airlines and Alaska Airlines who have all already announced they will no longer allow emotional support animals to fly.

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