Wisconsin's favorite holiday dessert is surprising

I think the data is wrong when it comes to Wisconsin's favorite holiday dessert because there is no way we love Andes Peppermint the most. According to Delish, Zippia used Google Trends and selected over 40 classic Christmas desserts to see which ones were searched for at a disproportionately high rate throughout the holidays in each state. One of the most popular across the country was cheesecake. To me that makes more sense than Andes Peppermint. Some of the other more popular desserts were red velvet cake, pudding and gingerbread cake/gingerbread men. You may feel a little better knowing we weren't the only state with an obscure result. Washington state likes Skittles and Missouri prefers vegan Christmas cookies. I'm just hoping the reason we did so many google searches for Andes Peppermint is because we were using it in cookies, cake and cheesecake desserts. You can read more and see what the other states chose from the Delish article at msn.com.

Image: Getty