Here's when all 94 new Christmas movies will air

I am NOT a Hallmark Channel movie lover. In fact I think they're lame and just too sappy but wouldn't you know it 2020 even has me watching those darn movies! There's just something about feeling good at the end of a nice Christmas love story this year that has got me not only putting up with them and but even thinking about choosing to watch one which is very much out of character for me. This year has just been so hard that I think we're gravitating toward anything that makes us feel good. It's hard not to be happy when the girl gets the guy, while saving a small town business and they live happily ever after. If you are a fan of Hallmark Channel movies there's a good chance you've seen quite a few of them so you'll be happy to know this year there are lots of new ones! Here's when all 94 new Christmas movies will air courtesy of

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