This type of password is among the most easily hacked

I know it's extremely important that we have solid passwords but it's getting harder and harder to come up with strong ones I can remember when they need to have a symbol, number, capitol letter, be a certain length, etc. I'm happy to report that I've always used creative ones and not just 12345 or qwerty but it's getting harder since we need so many of them! The problem is when you think you're making a strong password by using something you enjoy so you can easily remember it and then it turns out that it's not a good password. Take band names for example, according to, cyber security experts say passwords like "Blink 182," "metallica," "eminem," and "50 cent" are among the most easily hacked. Just behind them are characters like "superman," "batman," and "deadpool." Good luck creating those new passwords and then remembering them. Just stay away from the above mentioned items. You can read more here.

Image: Getty