LIST: 34 best horror books of all time

I'm a little weird in the sense that I don't like scary movies, like at all, but I love scary books! Some of my favorites to read are murder mysteries but you won't catch me watching any scary movies any time soon, not even during Halloween! No idea why that's the case but I just love reading thrillers all year round. As Halloween approaches, if you're looking for a new scary story to read check out this list of the best horror books of all time from It contains both new releases and classics! Surprisingly I've only read one of them on the list and that's Gillian Flynn's "Dark Places" which was really good! I'm excited to add lots of these to my reading list though! If you don't have the app "good reads" you need to download it now! You can track all the books you've read and get suggestions from friends or based on what you like! Click here to see the 34 best horror books of all time.

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