Words of wisdom every parent should share with their child

One of the many big responsibilities of being a parent is sharing advice with your children. This is not always the easiest to do because what you tell your child often sticks with them for a long time. Someone on Reddit asked what piece of advice every parent should tell their child and as you can imagine people were more than happy to chime in with their words of wisdom. Here's some of the advice people shared and many more words of wisdom can be found at Buzzfeed.com.

  • Admitting as parents that they can be wrong sometimes. Parents are humans and they make mistakes too. Kids need to see that.
  • It's alright to make a mistake, as long as you can admit it and grow from it.
  • Be your own person, not who someone else wants you to be.
  • Be kind. You never know what someone might be going through.
  • Your mental illness is not a weakness.
  • The world isn't fair so don't try to change what you can't, instead worry about the things you can.

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