Here's why people are putting purple pumpkins out for Halloween

We're just a few weeks away from Halloween and does anyone have a clue what the plan is for this year? CDC lists trick-or-treating as "high-risk" but haven't officially canceled it yet so people are trying to figure out a way to make the holiday a little safer without having to cancel it all together. In the past people have used colored pumpkins to indicate houses with special scenarios. For example, a teal pumpkin was put in front of a house that had non-food treats for kids who have food allergies. Maybe this year you've seen some purple pumpkins in front of houses so what does that mean? Putting a purple pumpkin on your porch, in your yard or in your window shows you're a safe location for trick-or-treating, meaning you've been following the health guidelines when it comes to COVID-19 and no one who lives in that house has tested positive. According to, a group of parents came up with the idea so hopefully Halloween trick-or-treating can go on as normal as possible. You can read more here.

Photo: Getty