Americans consider THIS to be the most stressful life event

We go through many stressful situations in our lives whether it has to do with losing a job, getting married or divorced, having kids, etc. but I never thought moving would be the thing people thought caused them the most stress! According to an article posted by SWNS Digital, 45% of people said moving was hands down the most stressful event in life. Even more so than things like going through a breakup/divorce, having children, getting married and starting your first job ever. 63% of people said their most recent move was one of the most stressful things they've ever been through. Wow is it just me or are you also shocked by this? So what makes moving so stressful? People responded with the following:

  • packing 48%
  • sorting out what to keep and what to get rid of/donate 47%
  • making a down payment on a new house/getting a mortgage 28%
  • finding a mover 24%
  • budgeting for movers 23%
  • saving up enough money to sign a lease/get an apartment 14%
  • budgeting for renting a moving van/truck 7%

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