The weirdest town name in Wisconsin

When it comes to the weirdest town name in each state, you could have a field day with Wisconsin. All those weird ones to pronounce like Kaukauna, Oconomowoc, Prairie du Chien and more! You know someone is familiar with Wisconsin if they pronounce them correctly and with the correct accent on New Berlin. Redbook put together an article of the weirdest town names in each state and I learned we do not have the weirdest town name, that's for sure. I was surprised by the Wisconsin town they chose, which was Egg Harbor, as I feel it definitely gets weirder than that. It seems it may have been chosen because of the odd backstory of how it got its name. It was apparently named for an epic egg fight which you can read more about at

Here's a picture of my mom and I at Wood Orchard Market in Egg Harbor, Door County!

Thumbnail image: Getty

Above picture: personal photo

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