Here's exactly how to spend your day off

Usually I use my vacation days for traveling since I love it so much but of course this year due to COVID-19 that has been a bit challenging. I had three vacations get cancelled which really bummed me out and now I have to figure out how to use my vacation days. I know, I know first world problems but I'm definitely not the only person in this situation. I've seen a lot of "staycations," road trips, or even people just exploring our great state of Wisconsin. In case you're not up for traveling there's a nice list of ways you should be spending your day off which can be found at Below were some of my favorite ideas from the list. Most importantly though, however you end up spending your day off, make sure you feel refreshed and uplifted!

  • Check items off your to-do list - when you're able to cross off a project from your list it's the best feeling ever!
  • Get outside - we know how good fresh air is for us.
  • Start the new hobby you've been thinking about - I'd been wanting to learn how to play guitar for forever and I finally learned a bit over quarantine and I'm so happy I did!
  • Set goals for the next week/month - being proactive and prepared always makes you feel better.
  • Clean out your closet - it doesn't get much better than clearing stuff from your closet!
  • Call your parents (or someone you love) - we get so busy that many times we push off that call to our parents or loved one. Try bumping that to the top of your list and imagine the positive result!

Image: Getty