Teen given extreme punishment to teach him a lesson but is it too much?

A family in Phoenix, Arizona made the Fox 10 news there when their 14-year-old son took their car for a joy ride and got caught by the cops. Angel Martinez was caught by police speeding in the family's car while his parents were out celebrating their anniversary. Remember he's only 14 so obviously his parents were pretty upset. So much so that they made him give away all his possessions. Not just his video games, cell phone, etc. Literally, everything he had. Because this wasn't the first time Angel has gotten in trouble, his parents wanted to make sure he received a punishment that would really teach him a lesson. The ended up taking everything out of his room, set it up in the driveway and made him sit on his bed with a sign that said "Sorry I stole my parents' car and was speeding."

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Video: Fox 10

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