Jimmy Fallon asked people why they got fired and they delivered!

In most circumstances it's a major bummer when you get fired from a job and almost everyone has experienced it at some point whether you deserved it or not. In the cases where people deserved it, it can end up being a funny situation. Late night host Jimmy Fallon asked people to tweet why they got fired using #WhyIGotFired and people definitely delivered not holding back any great stories. Here are a few I thought were quite funny and the rest can be found at tradingdraft.com. Do you know any funny reasons why people got fired? If so message me them on my facebook page Hannah Radio Show.

  • I asked Ryan Reynolds for an autograph while he was having dinner at the restaurant where I worked so the boss yelled fired and I yelled back totally worth it.
  • I got hired at Dairy Queen and was told I could eat as much ice cream as I wanted and ended up taking it far too literally.
  • I got called out for napping at my desk and just admitted it was because the job was so boring.
  • I couldn't stop playing with the office dog.
  • I worked at an ice cream shop and served a customer two scoops in a cone with my acrylic nail on top.

Thumbnail Photo: Getty