David Schwimmer finally settles Ross & Rachel's "we were on a break" debate

David Schwimmer joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show to talk about his new show Intelligence but of course the topic of Friends came up, naturally because it's still one of the best shows ever made! Jimmy asked David about things people randomly shout at him from the show and of course David said "PIVOT" but he also brought up the line "we were on a break" which was said many times throughout the show. According to the article at msn.com, David says "people are still so passionately divided" on the subject so he finally set the record straight saying yes Ross and Rachel were on a break! That's how David feels but maybe we should ask Jennifer Anniston as she might feel differently. The way he delivers this line confirming they are on a break is so funny though. You can watch it in the video below (starting at about 5:50) where he also talks about how he originally turned down the roll as Ross!

Thumbnail Image: Getty

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