People are very opinionated on the proper way to fold towels

Although I definitely have my own way of folding laundry I can honestly say I've never actually debated with someone on the proper way to do it. People are literally getting into a heated debate on the proper way to fold towels after a woman posted two pictures online of common ways to fold them. One picture showed the towel folded in half making a large flat rectangle and the other is folded in thirds making it look more 'rolled". According to, the post quickly received more than 4,100 comments from people standing up for the way they believe towels should be folded. Then all of a sudden someone threw in a third option of just rolling them and you can only imagine where it went from there. As silly as it seems, at least it's a break from people debating politics and mask vs no mask! do you fold your towels?

Thumbnail image: Getty