Here's how to tell if your eggs are still good

In order to go to the store less we've been buying in bulk but what happens when you don't know if something is still good or not? It's easy when you can see mold on it, well then you know it's no longer good, but eggs for me have always been one of those foods that I question. I'm about to make breakfast or cookies and I see the eggs are past their "expiration date," are they safe to still use? If I ask my husband Jaime he'll definitely say yes. He's eaten some questionable things in our refrigerator. Luckily The Daily Meal provided a simple kitchen hack to tell us if our eggs have gone bad.

  1. Place your eggs in a bowl with water filled to the top. If the egg lies on its side on the bottom of the bowl then it's still fresh!
  2. If it sits upright but is still on the bottom of the bowl then your egg is older but still good. These eggs are great for hard boiling!
  3. On the other hand if the egg floats, then it's most likely expired.

Here's the kicker though. Just because it floats doesn't mean you can't eat it. The best way to figure out if an egg is still good is just by cracking it open. If it smells odd or looks funny then you should probably just throw it away. If you need to use up some eggs you have sitting around The Daily Meal has some great egg-based recipes you can make.

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