Scenic road trips to take this summer

I'm thinking since our favorite summer events just keep dropping like flies, we're going to need to find something fun to do this summer. I've had quite a few vacations already get canceled so I've got some extra vacation days to burn and think now would be the perfect time to take a road trip! Growing up we went on lots of road trip vacations and those were some of my favorites. My mom, dad, brother, grandma and I would all pile into my parents van with snacks packed ready to hit the road. I have so many great memories from those vacations and can't wait to take Jaime (and hopefully kids one day) to see the all the great places I visited when I was younger. You make memories along the way on a road trip too. My grandma would always get so hot so my dad actually screwed a fan into the floor of their van between the two front seats to help cool her down. It's stuff like that, that makes road trips awesome...or maybe that just happens in my family. Either way road trips are going to be a great way to spend your summer so here are some great options if you plan on hitting the road. Details on each of these can be found at

  1. New York - Catskills - The Finger Lakes, NY
  2. Boston, MA - Newport, RI
  3. Asheville, NC - Bristol, VA
  4. Atlanta - Savannah, GA - Charleston, SC
  5. Nashville, TN - Louisville, KY
  6. St. Petersburg - Cape Coral - Port St. Lucie - Fort Lauderdale - Sunny Isles - Miami - Islamorada - Key West, FL
  7. Austin - Elgin - Lockhart - Driftwood, TX
  8. Detroit - Grand Rapids, MI
  9. Sioux Falls - Custer State Park - Mount Rushmore - Spearfish, SD
  10. Phoenix, AZ - Palm Springs - Malibu, CA
  11. Beverly Hills - Sonoma County, CA
  12. Sacramento - Lake Tahoe, CA

I've actually been to quite a few on the list and loved them all! Happy travels!

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