This is the age when people start feeling old

To me "old" is such a relative term. Some days I feel like I'm 80 and other days I feel 18 but the older we get the faster time goes so we're much more aware of our age. I hope I continue to remember that age is just a number and I'm sure some days will be harder than others, but at some point we all start to feel old. A survey commissioned by LetsGetChecked and conducted by OnePoll, surveyed 2,000 Americans and the research revealed that at age 57 is when most people started to feel old. Feeling old wasn't just about grey hair and wrinkles though as many Americans' biggest concern was their overall health (39%). Coming in at 36% was wrinkles and 35% was grey hair though. Truthfully at 32 I already have grey hair and wrinkles don't concern me as much. My mom used to always say that if you have a lot of wrinkles around your eyes it just meant you smiled a lot. I consider those wrinkles to be good ones!

Here's where some of the other concerns ended up.

  • weight gain 36%
  • hair loss 34%
  • not being able to take care of themselves 34%
  • age spots 34%
  • being seen as "old" 33%
  • financial security 33%
  • losing their independence 19%

Let's end on a positive note, many people are actively preparing for the day they "get old" so for those statistics click here to read the article from SWNS Digital.

For the record I truthfully think 57 is still very young!

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