Surprising things people have learned about themselves in self-quarantine

When you aren't able to fill your day running around town trying to fit too much in (that's definitely me) you have lots more time to just think which can be hard but also a good a thing. We've had to spend much more time at home so I imagine you've learned a little about yourself. People automatically assume this is a bad thing, and while being "stuck" at home all the time is not ideal, you're maybe learning some good things about yourself! Buzzfeed asked their readers to share things they've learned about themselves while in self-quarantine and some of the answers might surprise you.

  1. Working from home - "I always said I would be terrible at working from home but it turns out I have a pretty good work ethic, even when I’m not being observed. I might even try to negotiate a work from home day once a week when this is all over."
  2. House chores - "I learned that I enjoy doing house chores way more than I thought. Before all this, my house would always be a mess...I was lazy but I am loving it right now. I deep cleaned my whole house!"
  3. Taking risks - "I've learned that I can take risks and relish in the results. I shaved my head this past weekend after talking about it for twelve years. And you know what? I love it and I should've done it sooner."
  4. Staying indoors - "I thought I would struggle with not going outside for days. I actually really haven’t missed it – I’m definitely an indoors person."
  5. Missing smiles - "I have always thought of myself as an introvert who is happy in my own company so I thought I would find this lockdown easy! Turns out I miss seeing and talking to people face-to-face and whilst I do like my own company, I miss the smiles of others!"
  6. Loving burgers - "I have learned that I literally like burgers so much I could eat them every day. I had three burgers last week, but I could have had more."

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Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

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