I tried ILoveKickboxing Brookfield and here's what I thought

I've been taking classes at ILoveKickboxing Brookfield for a few weeks now and truthfully I love it. It's such a great workout without feeling like a workout. Yes it's true I enjoy working out and I go often but I'm not someone who can run on a treadmill or use an elliptical as my workout. I literally just stare at the clock in shock that only 5 minutes has passed. What I like to do is take classes. They keep me interested and motivated. If you're looking to get a great workout and start feeling really good then I suggest trying ILoveKickboxing Brookfield. Here are three reasons why I think you should give it a try.

  1. It Works!
    1. I've only been taking classes for a few weeks now but I've already noticed a difference in my body. I'll be honest I was pretty sore after that first workout but it was totally worth it. I always say it's a good hurt and that's true. If you're sore it means that your body is changing and that's a good thing. One of my favorite things I see when I walk into ILoveKickboxing Brookfield is the wall of success. They have stories hanging right on the wall showing the success people have had coming to classes right there in Brookfield. It reminds me when I'm huffing and puffing that if I keep pushing I too can lose weight and get healthier.
  2. The team is amazing at ILoveKickboxing Brookfield!
    1. I would include the other members in this as well. The first thing I noticed when I walked into ILoveKickboxing Broofield for the first time was how nice and welcoming everyone was. The instructors were right there at the door to welcome me and show me around making sure I felt comfortable. Then when it came to the class the instructors were so passionate about helping me reach my goals. When I wasn't doing a move correctly they took the time to help me through it. Not to call me out in front of everyone but to make sure I was being safe and getting the best workout possible. When I say it's for everyone I mean that because the instructors can make the class for every level possible. They have this perfect way of pushing you to make sure you're getting a great workout but also understand just how far you can go. The owners Lee and Ken are awesome too! They are so friendly and have been there every single time I've gone. I love seeing them there because it means they care about my success just as much as I do and maybe even more! If you continue to go on a regular basis you'll meet new people and end up gaining a few new friends along the way as well as a healthier lifestyle.
  3. It's different and will take you out of your comfort zone!
    1. Boredom is the #1 reason people stop working out. I can assure you you'll never be bored at ILoveKickboxing Brookfield because the workout changes all the time and it's always so exciting. In general we don't like being taken out of our comfort zone but it's so important that we push ourselves because outside our comfort zone is where you find the success and you gain so much personal growth when you try something new. You can be proud of yourself for trying something different. If you're intimidated by the fact that it's kickboxing please don't be These classes are literally for ANYONE no matter your age or fitness level and in the end you'll find community among positive, inspiring men and women who are all there for the same reason; to become a better you and feel good.

If you're a little nervous about coming to ILoveKickboxing Brookfield for the first time why not come when I'm there? I'm for sure taking the 7:30pm class on Monday, 2/24. If you have questions or want to let me know you're coming send me a message on my Facebook page Hannah Radio Show. Would love to see you there!! I have a feeling you're going to love this bag-hitting, adrenaline-flowing workout so you should probably just sign up right away to win 20 free kickboxing classes plus a pair of gloves! Enter to win here!

If you still need a little more push to get going let Sally help with that. This video talks about her success of losing 400 pounds at ILoveKickboxing Brookfield!

Brandon is one of the amazing instructors at ILoveKickboxing Brookfield and talks about why you shouldn't be scared to try kickboxing!

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