Wauwatosa is looking for an artist to paint a mural in Hart Park

Painting is a talent I so badly wish I had. I always think it's so cool when you're walking through someone's house and you tell them "Wow what a beautiful painting? Where is that from?" and they respond saying "Oh I actually painted it myself." Seriously, I am always so impressed by that. Now imagine being the person who painted a mural in Hart Park, Wauwatosa for so many more people to enjoy! According to an article from the Journal Sentinel posted at msn.com, Wauwatosa is looking for an artist who will paint a mural that will be installed on a shipping container in Hart Park. The shipping container will be used as storage by Tosa Tonight which is a summer concert series that is happening at Rotary Performance Pavilion. If interested here are the details:

  • The artist(s) will be required to install a portion of the mural during the July 22 Tosa Tonight concert and must be completed by July 26.
  • You have three walls of the shipping container to work with and can apply to use all three, two or just one of the surfaces.
  • The total available surface area for the project is 408 square feet.
  • If chosen as an artist for all three surfaces they'll receive a $5,000 fee and a $1,250 stipend for materials. The fee and stipend decrease if you're just doing two or one of the sides.

Director of Administrative Services for the city of Wauwatosa said "Public art enhances a city, attracting residents and tourists to experience Wauwatosa in a different way. We are thrilled to be bringing murals and hopefully world-class muralists to the gem of our park system, Hart Park, this year." Both local and national artists will be allowed to apply and a jury committee will be assembled to pick the winner(s).

Click here for more information on age limit, judging criteria and to get the application which is due April 1.

Photo: Getty

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