Most couples say THIS is the key to a happy relationship

There's obviously lots of factors that go into a happy relationship between a couple but one seems to stand out and I personally couldn't agree more. I absolutely love my husband and enjoy spending time with him but truthfully I really like my "me time" too. According to a new poll spending time alone is actually the key to a happy relationship. According to an article on the study finds:

  • 85% of people in a relationship say having that "me time" makes for a healthier relationship.
  • 41% of people said they'd leave a relationship if they couldn't have their alone time.
  • 82% said "me time" actually makes their relationship stronger.
  • 58% encourage their partner to spend time without them
  • The ideal amount of "me time" is 51 minutes a day, or six hours per week.

How do you feel about this? Do you think "me time" is super important or are you a couple that likes to do everything together all the time? If you're curious how most people spend their "me time" here are some of the most popular activities. Click here for more from

  1. Watching TV or movie
  2. Reading a book
  3. Listening to a podcast
  4. Exercising
  5. Savoring a cup of coffee/tea
  6. Having a meal alone
  7. Going out dancing
  8. Shopping
  9. Going for a walk/leisurely stroll
  10. Getting my hair done

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