The most annoying behaviors from house guests

Usually around the holidays people have lots of guests coming in and out of their home. Although a very gracious thing to offer, once you hear about the most annoying things guests do while staying at someone's home, you might think about taking back the offer or being a little more cautious of who you extend the offer to. If you're ever a house guest yourself make sure you're on your best behavior and don't do these top 10 guest no-nos from a new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Mattress Firm.

  1. Arrive unannounced or without an invitation 49%
  2. Snoop around 48%
  3. Break/damage host's belongings 48%
  4. Leave a mess when departing 45%
  5. Be too loud 45%
  6. Smoke 44%
  7. Leave a mess in the bathroom 40%
  8. Stay up all night watching TV with volume up high 39%
  9. Come back drunk 39%
  10. Be too demanding 39%

I luckily haven't had a terrible house guest but I was told a story about a young girl who was a guest and left all her hair on the walls of the shower! I would be totally grossed out if I was left that mess! Fingers crossed you don't have any horror stories to tell! If you want to focus on being a great host/hostess, click here to see the top 10 ways to make guests feel at home from

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