J.J. Watt shared his phone number so you can really text him

This is not a drill. Wisconsin native J.J. Watt shared his phone number and it works. You can really send him a text. J.J. was looking for a new way to connect with fans so he tweeted out his number: 262-404-3664. According to the article from msn.com, J.J. and a friend were talking about social media and how sometimes there's just too much negativing surrounding it so his friend mentioned that texting is the new way of connecting with fans. J.J. might regret having shared his number because his inbox reached more than 25,000 texts. He admits it will be hard to respond to all the messages but he's already responded to lots. Below is the video where he posted his number and here's the article from msn.com if you want to read more fun tweets in response to it.

If you're thinking about texting J.J. Watt maybe wait a bit for the hype to die down...if it ever does!



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