Americans are ready to change up Thanksgiving dinner

I always thought Thanksgiving dinner was something we all looked forward to all year round. The turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, pies, etc. My mouth is watering just typing this right now! Obviously there's some of us who can't wait for that delicious meal but a new poll has found that many Americans would rather see some new options at their holiday table. According to an article at, 26% of Americans are tired of the traditional Thanksgiving food and would like to see a few different options on the table. 45% of Americans have already started offering alternative foods for Thanksgiving and 64% of Americans would be willing to swap out the traditional turkey! What no turkey on Thanksgiving?!

If you're looking to mix things up a bit here are some options:

  • going out to eat instead of a home-cooked meal
  • traveling for the holiday or going on vacation
  • incorporating non-traditional sides
  • trying new spins on the traditional dishes

I definitely don't want to switch up our Thanksgiving meal entirely but I wouldn't mind a few different options each year. I don't eat stuffing or cranberries so I'm usually a Turkey, potatoes and salad kind of girl. Oh and of course dessert. It would be nice if there was some other type of delicious side. Maybe I should bring that this year! If you have any ideas for me I'd love to get some new recipes. Feel free to send me a message on Facebook with them here! Thanks in advanc

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