Biggest Black Friday Deals

If you're a major Black Friday shopper you've probably already starting to plan out your shopping for that day. MSN Lifestyle looked back at past shopping seasons and analyzed prices on popular items to help you avoid the insanity and shop smart. Here are some of the season's hottest deals and the discounts you can expect.

  1. TVs - once again you should be able to get great discounts on TVs. The best deals last year included 55-inch 4K sets at Walmart and Target for around $250.
  2. Video Game Consoles - Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch have been on the shelves so people shouldn't be going crazy for them hopefully. Best Buy last year had PS4 or the Xbox One S bundled with a game for $200.
  3. Tablets - Certain Amazon Fire Tablets might be as low as $50. Looks like last year Best Buy and Target had the best deals
  4. Laptops - It seems you should be able to find some deals on laptops especially for older models but if you're an Apple fan I don't think you'll be as impressed with the deals.
  5. Voice-Controlled Home Assistants - It's Amazon vs Google here. Smaller models could go for as low as $25 and most likely will be bundled with other smart-home products. Some of the larger products may be around $70 or $80.
  6. Small Appliances - These are a staple when it comes to Black Friday. You can expect discounts of up to 50% or more. Some retailers may go as low as $10 on small appliances but will most likely include a mail-in rebate.
  7. Fitness Trackers and Smart Watches - Mine stopped charging awhile ago so maybe Black Friday is my time to get a new one! Your best discounts here will be on models that have been out for awhile.
  8. Toys - The most popular toys probably won't be on-sale but you can pick-up some of the other toys you need and save some money so you don't feel as bad spending the big bucks on those popular toys! Target and Walmart will probably have some good deals.
  9. Luggage - This is something my Mom always takes advantage of. It got to the point where I would tease her about how much luggage she had and she woudl always respond with "well it was on-sale." You know you're going to want to sneak out of these horrible Wisconsin winters as some point so stock up on luggage while you can get a great deal! Kohl's, JCPenny and Macy's will probably have the best deals.
  10. Cookware - Black Friday is the perfect time to pick this stuff up because you always need it! I love taking advantage of the Pyrex deals on Black Friday! You probably won't be able to get discounts on the high end brands but you should be able to find some good deals.

Cheapism provided lots more info on the above and other great deals at so take a look and get ready!

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