Best & Worst Thing About Wisconsin

Residents of every state have things they brag about and things they complain about because each of our states have great features and each have their downsides as well. I personally love living in Wisconsin as I feel our good outweighs our bad. I don't love the snow but I'm willing to put up with it because our summer and fall seasons are so awesome! I've traveled a lot and haven't found many places at all that I'd rather live. 24/7 Tempo put together a list of the best and worst thing about every state and it was decided that the best thing about Wisconsin is the cheese! That's pretty spot on if you ask me! I would have to say I think our people are pretty great too! According to this article in August 2018, a cheese board with 4,437 pounds of fromage graced a Madison street to set a Guinness World Record! We definitely have some amazing cheese made right here in Wisconsin. One of my personal favorites is Carr Valley Cheese. I'm sure you've heard me talk about it on more than one occasion!

Now if you thought our winters made the list as the worst thing, you'd be wrong! The article says the worst thing about Wisconsin is the excessive drinking. The article states that more than one in four Wisconsin adults drinks to excess, which is the highest share of any state. I know a lot of people praise all the drinking in Wisconsin but if I can be honest, that doesn't make me proud. I think all the breweries that started here years ago and all the craft breweries we have now are so cool and those businesses are impressive but you can enjoy a drink or two without constantly drinking to excess. Truthfully that's the best way to enjoy it!

As a Wisconsin resident what do you think is the best and worst thing about our state? Some of the other states have some pretty fun answers. You can see them at 24/7

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