15 Adventurous Date Night Ideas To Shake Things Up

Date nights are so important and most of us don't get enough of them or we always do the same thing. It's not that we don't want to spruce up our date nights but we get so complacent or can't come up with any fun new ideas. Relationship expert Susan Winter says it's all about reintroducing a sense of adventure and an element of play to date night. It's important to get out of your comfort zone and is a good way for a couple to grow together. If you're not getting enough date nights or you need to spruce them up with some new ideas here's a list from WellAndGood.com.


  1. White water rafting - save this idea for next summer or maybe while you're on a vacation. It's so much fun!
  2. Rock climbing - beautiful to do outdoors but lots of places to try indoors as well around the Milwaukee area.
  3. Luxurious balloon ride - now this would be amazing! I've always wanted to do this and how romantic!
  4. A tango class - this might be my favorite option on the list. Tango is such seductive and romantic type of dancing it's a great option for a date night. Plus you can impress people when you go out dancing!
  5. Skydiving - this might be a bit too adventurous for me.
  6. Bike trip - great idea for a nice fall day plus a great workout too.
  7. Bungee jumping - I'm going to pass on this one as well. I'd rather do the skydiving if I had to choose though.
  8. Race-car driving class - talk about getting your adrenaline going.
  9. Tickets to the opera/theater/other cultural performances - Not as adventurous as others on the list but I often forget about this idea.
  10. A "getting lost" mini road trip - this is always a good idea. Lots of places to go in Wisconsin for just a day even.


  1. Mini golf - one of my favorite activities in the summer.
  2. Ice-skating - perfect since winter is right around the corner. Get a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate too!
  3. Bowling - I always forget how much I like bowling. It's never an idea that's top of mind for me but whenever I go I always have such a good time.
  4. Trapeze class - now this would be really cool.
  5. Horseback riding - I'm thinking this would perfect idea for fall. You could ride through the trees as they're changing colors. So beautiful!

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