Here's how to avoid being burglarized

Being burglarized is so scary. Put aside the fact that your stuff was stolen, the part that freaks me out the most is the feeling you get knowing an unwelcome person was in your personal space. A news station in Portland, Oregon put together an anonymous survey of 86 inmates who were incarcerated for burglary and here's some stuff to keep in mind to avoid being burglarized.

  1. Keep a car in the driveway - Almost all of the surveyed inmates said they'd think twice about breaking in if they saw a car parked in the driveway.
  2. Lock your doors and windows - I know this seems like common sense but so much of the time we forget and burglars can just waltz right in. I realize if they want in they'll get in but I always feel like at least I'm making them work for it!
  3. Make your door kick-proof - I thought kicking in doors was just a police thing on TV but apparently doors are pretty easy to kick in. There are ways to make your door kick-proof if you want though. Click here.
  4. Don't ignore a knock - I'm totally guilty of this one but apparently every burglar that was surveyed said they knocked on the door first before breaking in.
  5. Keep the TV or Radio on while away - Having some noise in the background will make it seem like someone is home when they're not.
  6. Keep the outside of your home well lit - There's a reason that phrase "lurking in the shadows" is around. Keep the outside well lit and you'll be less of a target.
  7. Mix-up your routine - I totally understand routines. That's how I survive but if someone is keeping an eye on your house they'll learn your routine making you much more of an easy target.
  8. Watch what you say on social media - Again this one seems like a given but so many times we're posting our vacation photos on social media which is a dead giveaway that we're not home!
  9. Hide your valuables elsewhere - Most burglars admitted to looking for valuables first in the master bedroom then the living room. They'll pretty much search everywhere but if you keep those prized possessions in a less obvious place there's a chance they won't find them.

There's some other great ideas as well which you can check out at

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