Mom Celebrates Back To School By Going To Disney Alone

Kids might not be excited about going back to school but by now parents usually are! How are you celebrating your kids going back to school? Take a page out of Lisa DiNoto's book and book a trip to Disney! Her story was featured on Good Morning America because after dropping her kids off at school she went straight to Disney World. It's quite a bit easier for her though as they live very close to the theme park. Disney makes these pins that celebrate just about anything so she got one that said "Celebrating the 1st Day of School". She took pictures with lots of the characters on-site who got a major kick out of it. Don't feel bad for her kids though as they get to go to the park often living so close. When she picked up her kids they both had great stories to share! See her pictures from Good Morning America here.

Heading to Disney might not be an option for you since we live pretty far away but what are you doing special to celebrate back to school?

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