Couple Married 67 Years Have Done This Every Single Day

Apparently the key to a successful marriage is wearing matching outfits every. single. day. Wow! According to CBS 13 in Sacramento, California, Francis and Rosemary Klonts are getting ready to celebrate their 68th wedding anniversary and every single day for the past 67 years that they've been together, they've worn matching outfits! Francis gives a new meaning to the saying "happy wife, happy life" considering he's let her pick out his outfits every day for those 67 years! They met in junior high, got married at age 19 and have been matching ever since! How in the world did this start you wonder? Well Rosemary said her Mother got them matching shirts in high school and the rest is history. They've been matching ever since. Of course in typical guy fashion, Francis is happy as a clam because she lays out his outfits every day and he doesn't even need to think about it! Such a cute story! So the question is, would you wear a matching outfit with our spouse every single day? I can honestly say no I wouldn't. I'd be fine wearing coordinating outfits but matching every day with him but no thanks!



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