Coworkers Who Are Just Plain Weird And Gross

I have a great group of coworkers here at iHeartMedia Milwaukee but there's always a few weird ones in every office. If you can't think of who it is at your workplace, then maybe it's you! hehe I consider myself to be a weirdo but I don't do weird things at the office. There's a difference. BuzzFeed asked their community to share some of the weirdest and craziest things they've witnessed a co-worker do and the result was pretty horrible. I can't imagine working with people who did some of this stuff! Do you have any crazy stories to tell? If so, click here and share!

Here are some of the few crazy stories that were shared to BuzzFeed. It definitely gets worse though so click here to read the rest.

  • The Dry Shave: A woman shaved her legs in a meeting. No soap, shaving cream or water, just the sound of the razor on dry skin.
  • Open Office Plan: A woman never closed the bathroom door stall while using the bathroom.
  • Booger Eater: A coworker picked her nose and threw the booger into the spaghetti sauce she was making.
  • Shocking Salesman: At a car dealership one of the salesmen was on the showroom floor and pulled his pants down to his knees just to tuck in his shirt.
  • Unexpected tantrum: A girl was on the phone with her Dad and he must have said something that set her off as she suddenly started to throw a tantrum. She screamed at the top of her lungs, stomped her feet while spinning in her chair, kicked over the trash can and banged her fists on her desk.

After reading through the list, it made me want to go hug all my coworkers for not being weird and gross! That would definitely make me the weird one though...

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