The Hunger Games Prequel - Could We Be Getting One?

I will be so excited if we actually get a prequel to "The Hunger Games"! I read all the books and loved them! I haven't seen all the movies quite yet because I don't like how they split them up. By the time they get released I end up losing interest. I typically enjoy the books more anyways as you can get way more in depth. According to, "The Hunger Games" author Suzanne Collins is working on a prequel and Lionsgate, the studio behind the franchise of films, is in talks to develop the book as a movie. It seems the story will focus on 64 years before the events of "The Hunger Games" on the morning of the reaping of the 10th annual Hunger Games. Interesting place to go but I look forward to seeing what they come up with and hope it actually happens! Read more on this from

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