Make It Through Monday - Happy Father's Day

Most of us claim we have the "best Dad ever" but I literally do. Hands down. One thing I love most about my Dad is that he never treated me any differently because I was a girl. My Dad and this three brothers own a trucking company that was started by my Grandpa and I have very vivid memories of going with him to work, organizing his tool box, plugging in trucks when it was cold, crawling through tires, etc. My brother and I would also sit on top of the machine that cleaned the floors with our Styrofoam cups, one full of a soda and the other with some type of treat from the candy machine. He'd be going around cleaning the floors and my brother and I would try to touch stuff as we passed. We'd come home just so dirty. I'm sure my Mom didn't love that but man did we have a good time. He'd also come home from work and play football with my brother and I, he came to all my dance recitals, helped me with so many projects (and of course still does!) and so much more.

My Dad and I have a special relationship as father and daughter. I literally enjoy spending time with him. In fact, one time we went on a fishing trip just him and I together. We packed up our jet skis and went fishing and jet skiing on the Mississippi River in the La Crosse area for the weekend just him and I. A friend of mine was a camp counselor in that area for the summer so we picked her up one day and took her on the river with us too. That's a cool thing for a Dad to do and ended up being one of my favorite trips. I could go on and on about all the amazing things my Dad and I have done together and share so many stories. We have made so many wonderful memories that I'll cherish forever and look forward to creating many more in the future. Love you Dad!

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