What's your biggest decision in life?

At first I was thinking "life's biggest decisions" would be pretty similar for everyone but really we're all so different that what might be an easy decision for one person is the hardest decision ever for someone else. According to a new UK survey here's a list of the top ten biggest life decisions. Do you agree with these?

  1. Having Children
  2. Getting Married
  3. Moving to a house
  4. Learning to drive
  5. Retiring
  6. Buying a property with a partner
  7. Breaking up with a partner
  8. Choosing to save or spend money
  9. Getting a divorce
  10. Quitting a job

I'm not super surprised that having children came out on top. It's a huge decision to make being responsible for someone else's life but I also feel like there are lots of people who know right away whether they want or don't want kids. I am surprised to see learning to drive so high up on the list? I don't know too many people who think twice about learning to drive. I thought getting a divorce might higher on the list too. The one that might surprise me the most though is retiring? Maybe I'm not thinking correctly about that one but I would think no one would question whether or not at one point they wanted to retire. We all want to eventually retire right?

Those were just the top ten so get the complete list from swnsdigital.com.

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