Make It Through Monday - Disconnect to Reconnect

This past week was the first time in almost 10 years I really disconnected from work and social media. I went on a 7 day cruise for my cousin's wedding and opted to not purchase the wifi plan while on the cruise and I must admit it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I learned a couple things from my week away from email and social media so I decided to share them for my Make It Through Monday Moment powered by Winkie's Hallmark & Gifts.

#1 - I survived! I'm not obsessed with social media like lots of people are but I am attached to my email for work so I was a little worried at being away from it for so long. Many times we find ourselves on our phones just because they're there and there's "nothing" else to do. That's what we say at least but I think if we really did put them away we'd find something maybe a little better to fill our time with. I'm definitely not someone who is obsessed with their phone, always has it in their hands, never pays attention to anything going on around them but I do like being able to have access to everything. One of the main reasons I was worried about unplugging for a week was I didn't want my team here at work to be left with all this extra work and be even more stressed because I wasn't available at all. I learned there was no reason to worry about that which leads me to the second thing I learned from disconnecting.

#2 - I work with an amazing team here at iHeartMedia Milwaukee! I always knew how great they all were but after unplugging and disconnecting for a week it was confirmed by myself and other VIP people just how great they really are! I have to give a HUGE shout out to my team member Chloe. Not only was she doing my work while I was gone but she is also handling responsibilities for another team member who is currently out. She handled it like a champ and did a phenomenal job for which I will be forever grateful. I couldn't have enjoyed this week away as much as I did without her help and everyone back here that helped her work through it all so THANK YOU! Of course a big thank you to BIG MIKE for talking on the radio for me while I was gone! You're the best!

We say all the time how important it is to unplug and disconnect from technology but do we actually really do it? My challenge to you IS to actually do it. I truly believe you won't regret it and you'll feel so refreshed, re-energized and rejuvenated. It also gives other people the opportunity to step up and show you what a great job they can do too! Here's a few quotes I found that I thought were pretty fitting.

Winkie's Hallmark & Gifts is also a great place to go for a little time away. The moment you walk into their store your day is a little brighter. It's filled with bright spring colors and such a positive energy. The staff there is so helpful if you have questions or need help finding the perfect gift. If you need a little sweet treat you'll love their candy shop! They've got all your old-time candy you used to love but lots of fun new stuff too! After a visit to Winkie's Hallmark & Gifts you'll leave feeling uplifted as well. It's a family run business that has been around for many years and it shows just how much they care about their customer. Stop in for a visit at the corner of Silver Spring and Lake Drive in Whitefish Bay.

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