We've been pronouncing Marriott wrong this whole time!

I realize we can't know how to properly pronounce every single word out there but when you find out you've been pronouncing a hotel name wrong your whole life you start to wonder how in the world that happened! Where along the way did the pronunciation change? Take the hotel chain 'Marriott' for example. It was literally the family name of the company's founder so it must have started being pronounced correctly and then just somewhere along the way changed and spread to much so it couldn't be corrected? I pronounce it as MarriOTT like the animal otter but according to a member of the Marriott team it's actually pronounced like the word chariot. So phonetically it would be Marry-IT.

Now here's the dilemma: I could start pronouncing it correctly but honestly is sounds a little weird and I think people would look at me funny! They'd be like do you mean MarriOTT? Now if we all start pronouncing it correctly then maybe we can spread the word and we all go back to the original pronunciation! What do you say?

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