My first cruise - What do I need to know?

Just a little heads up that I'm going to be out next week (May 6-12) because I'm going on my first cruise! My cousin is getting married in Belize so they decided to make it a cruise. I'm of course excited for her and so happy I get to be part of her special day but I'm actually not super excited about the cruise part. This will be my first one ever and I'm a little nervous. I feel like there are so many extra rules and decisions you need to make in advance. I also like to explore and the first two whole days we're on the I can't get off! You know I'm not the type of person that can sit still very long. I've got way too much energy for that! I'm looking forward to relaxing a bit but am also afraid I might get a little bored or even get cabin fever :).

I'm sure I'm making a bigger deal of this than needed and I'll come back saying what an amazing time we had but leading up to it has been a bit of a struggle. So here's where you come in! I would love any advice you can provide! Are those lanyards to hold your key card really necessary? Do I really need to bring an extra power strip because there are that few outlets in the cabin? Anything I definitely need to pack? Any of the specialty restaurants we should definitely make reservations at because they're worth the extra cost? We're going on Carnival Dream to Honduras, Belize and Cozumel in case you've already been on that ship and if not you already know more than me so share away! Feel free to text me on the BIG FM line 877-244-1957 or message me on Facebook here!

Thanks in advance!



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